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The Backbone:
People With Means

A 120-strong work force, our dedicated, innovative and competent people are one aspect of Union Containers’ growth. The other is industry-leading tools. This combination supports our approach to serving you the highest standards of response and reliability.


Power Scheduling System

Our efficient production planning and control is achieved with the use of a computerised Power Scheduling System. Apart from scheduling orders as well as providing direct information on job progress and lead-time, it also involves networking that links every stage of production. More than those, this essential application allows for the optimum use of materials and utmost promptitude. Which thus lead to time and money saved - ours and the customer’s.

Corrugated Carton Making

To consistently achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, we have employed the finest in global technologies for our main machine. Our combined Agnati cum Marquip Corrugator features a fully computerised system with auto-splicing and order change. It produces a maximum roll width of 2.5 m, and runs at maximum speeds of 270 mpm for single wall and 230 mpm for double wall.

Capable of A, B, C and E flutes, the Italian-made Agnati Super 90 Multi-fluting Single Facer can also make various flute combinations, with a change-over time of 10 to 15 minutes. On the other end, the Americanmade Marquip includes Splicers with an automatic tailgrabber. While its Slitter/ Scorer has razor cutting edge to prevent crushing of board edges, as well as three different score lines - point to flat, male to female and point to point.

Sample Box Cutting And Designing

Our operation is further enhanced by Artios CAD/CAM, a machine for box designing and sample cutting. Even for urgent requirements, we are capable of customising and developing new box designs complete with samples in finished and actual form, tailored to your exact specifications. What’s more, we also have an auto-cad equipped in-house creative and design department ever ready to work with you on your packaging graphic design needs.

Printing And Die-Cutting

All from France, our line of Martin machines includes the Midline 924 Flexo-Folder-Gluer; Transline 1228 Flexo-Diecutter-Folder-Gluer; and the DRO 1628 Flexo-Diecutter-Stripper-Stacker. All of our Flexo-Printers are capable of high-quality process colour printing. So when it comes to your full-colour packaging design requirements, you can be sure of having no production constraints. And sure of getting the right visual impact and appeal you desire. Our latest, the DRO 1628, like the Transline 1228, has a built-in rotary die-cut unit. With a maximum printing size of 1600 x 2800 mm, the DRO 1628 can produce up to 25,000 boxes per hour. Then there is also our Harley Opti-Chek Plate Alignment Machine. Not only does it help in carrying out printing accuracy and minimising material wastage, our Harley Opti-Chek also expedites orders by reducing production lead-time.

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