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The Bottom Line:
Assurance Of Quality

At Union Containers, the promise of providing you with a clear advantage is not taken lightly. To guarantee the highest standards and maximum tolerances of our products, we put to use some of the latest laboratory testing equipment in quality assurance.


Box Compression Test

To measure the maximum compression strength of a corrugated box under compression before it collapses.

Bursting Strength Test

To measure the bursting strength of corrugated papers, boards, paperboards and others.

End Crush Test

To determine the end-crush resistance of corrugated papers, boards, paperboards and others.

In all, we are capable of applying 14 different tests. Each of which helps in determining the ability of materials to meet specifications; eliminating grades unfit for intended use; evaluating various elements of design and fabrication; and establishing relationship of component parts to service ability of the finished product. All for the consistent and uncompromising quality you require.

The distinction of attaining the ISO 9001:2000 Certification further attests to our stringent quality management system. By operating under strict quality control and practising high levels of proficiency, we have consistently delivered unparalleled product quality. Our key to meeting your expectations.



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